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As a market leader in industrial and commercial flooring, Ascoat specialises in the installation of epoxy polymer screeds for a wide range of facilities. Delivering exceptional durability, safety and quality, our floor screeds can help you achieve the desired outcome while meeting the required standards.

Epoxy Polymer Screed Installation

Epoxy resin is an incredibly versatile material that can be used as a ‘binder’ and blended with select graded aggregates to create screeds.

These screeds are used to fix existing surfaces that have sustained damage or require height or directional changes. At Ascoat, we specialise in the installation of high-strength epoxy/polymer screeds to address defects in concrete or to add required falls towards desired drainage areas, and to correct levels or remove steps or hollows in a concrete slab.

Epoxy polymer screeds are far superior to cement-based screeds as they are fast-setting, have no minimum or maximum thickness, and offer a high compressive strength (> 55 N/mm²).

Floor Screeds for All Facilities

Epoxy/polymer screeds offer a wide range of benefits, such as the ability to:

Epoxy Mortar Screeding

Our epoxy screeds are ideal for a range of commercial and industrial facilities such as food and beverage processing, manufacturing, workshop floors and wet areas. Speak to the team at Ascoat today to discuss your screeding requirements for your facility floors.


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Epoxy Screed FAQs

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One of the great advantages of epoxy polymer screeds is the ability to have as little as 1mm as your minimum and no limit to the thickness of the screed at the other end of the scale, provided the resin and aggregate mix is correct your compressive strength is not affected by the thickness a great deal. 

As soon as it’s tack free and can support the weight of the applicator, you can immediately apply your floor coating. This generally takes only a few hours or overnight. This is due to that the screed contains no water or other substances that take a long time to evaporate or dry out of the screed. 

Although more expensive than conventional sand and cement screed it can quickly become cheaper if you consider factoring the time it takes for conventional concrete screeds to cure before you can apply a coating to them.

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