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Line Markings for Commercial and Industrial Floors

As a market leader in industrial and commercial flooring, Ascoat specialises in the installation of line markings and walkways for a wide range of facilities Australia-wide. Our high-quality line marking for epoxy floors help define production and pedestrian areas for enhanced safety.

Expert Line Marking Application

Not all line marking material and application is equal, many line marking contractors use cheap material and unreliable application methods, as their business model is predicated on regular and repeated reapplication of their line marking.

At Ascoat, we apply high-quality, long-term line markings that match the quality of the adjacent floor coatings we install. Line markings shouldn’t be an afterthought as it contributes to the safety and usability of a workspace.

Line Markings for All Facilities

Line marking is used to create easily identifiable zones and traffic areas, accommodating the necessary movement of forklifts and other vehicular traffic, and creating safe areas for pedestrians to navigate their way through what are often potentially dangerous industrial environments. We also apply line marking for recreational sporting facilities, higher-end mechanical workshops, and VIP or valet car parks.

Ascoat line markings and walkways are:

Line Markings for Epoxy & Concrete Floors

With our expertise in line markings for car parks, sports courts, warehouses, and manufacturing and workshop floors, we have built a reputation as a leading commercial and industrial line marking applicator in Australia. Speak to the team at Ascoat today to discuss line marking for your floors.


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Line Marking FAQs

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High-quality line marking is best installed over a freshly finished epoxy floor, but with the right preparation can also be installed over bare concrete. Asphalt can be coated with more conventional line marking paint through a walk-behind spray unit, but due to the nature of the material being used and the porous asphalt and due to its harsh, fully exposed location, life expectancy can be more limited compared to internal applications over concrete. 

Car parks, whether residential or commercial, must be compliant with Australian car park design standards and guidelines as detailed in AS2890.1-2004:

In general, car park designs should follow AS 2890.1-2004 “Parking facilities – off street car parking”, however, there are some other standards to keep in mind, such as AS 2890.6-2009 “Parking facilities for people with disabilities”.

Yes, in the past, we have done custom colours for clients requiring certain non-standard colours, we even did a project for Jaguar that required line marking to be done in British Racing Green!

Yes, quick-drying technology is available, not only in chlorinated rubber, but in methyl methacrylate or polyaspartic technologies if required.

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