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As a market leader in industrial and commercial flooring, Ascoat specialises in the installation, treatment and repair of floor joints. Delivering exceptional durability, hygeine and quality, our expansion joints ensure clean and seamless surfaces that keep your facility up to standard and your staff and customers safe.

Treatment of Joints in Concrete Floors

Structural movement and temperature fluctuation are the main causes of movement in concrete floor joints. Due to this movement, additional strain is placed at the joint location resulting in degradation of the joint, joint shoulder and even the surrounding concrete or floor coating.

Forklift traffic over the minor gap or slight change in level of the expansion joint can cause damage to the floor over time as well.

The material of your floor joints must be compatible with the type of environmental conditions they are in and must also be engineered so that they can accommodate any movement caused by an increase or decrease in temperature or structural movement.

Our joints are also installed in heavy-duty purposes, delivering superior resistance to wear and tear from heavy equipment, chemicals and foot traffic.

Joint Repair for Concrete & Epoxy Floors

When exposed to cleaning chemicals, oils and corrosive materials, the jointing compound of your concrete or epoxy floors can deteriorate and corrode over time. For this reason, careful selection of the material and correct treatment is crucial to ensure longevity and maintain hygiene.

Ascoat can treat stand-alone joints in an uncoated concrete floor or joints that exist together with an applied epoxy floor coating and need to be honoured by being carried through the applied coating.

Ascoat expansion joints can:

Our team of expert full-time applicators repair damaged joints on pre-existing concrete and epoxy floors and treat joints for new floors.

Flooring Joints for Any Facility

Durable, hygienic and quality joints are crucial for commercial and industrial floors for industries such as pharmaceutical, food & beverage, manufacturing and more. Speak to the team at Ascoat today to discuss your expansion joint requirements.


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Floor Joint FAQs

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Expansion joints have been placed in the concrete slab to allow for controlled movement to occur in a predictable vertical plane, otherwise, the concrete slab would almost certainly crack in random areas with no ability to predict how extensive that may be. It is, therefore, critical to honour the design considerations that went into engineering the concrete slab and carry any expansion joints through the applied resin flooring.

Incorrectly treated, they can affect the integrity of the overall floor, particularly if they have not been prepared correctly, cut correctly, and the wrong sealant has been used. Some aggressive environments subjected to chemical attack require more chemically resistant jointing material. Ascoat respects all of the factors that influence this critical component of the entire flooring project.

Ascoat can employ numerous remediation strategies to rectify badly damaged joints. Blocking Out is a technique that involves the complete removal of adjacent areas to the actual joint, reinstating with high-strength polymer or cementitious grouts, before replacing the joint sealant with new material. Alternative, more technically challenging systems like prefabricated panels can be installed, replacing the affected area, quickly and effectively.

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