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As a market leader in industrial and commercial flooring, Ascoat specialises in the installation of flooring up to drains for a wide range of facilities. Delivering exceptional durability, safety and quality, our flooring around drains ensure the long-term integrity of your flooring is maintained and that cleaning is made simple.

Expert Floor Drain Installation

Floor drains are necessary to deal with constant product spills, cleaning and washing that occur in food and beverage manufacturing and facilities that are required to be washed down. The placement of the drains and the finishing up to the edge of the drains must not be overlooked, as it is often the first place a floor can start to fail from.

Consideration must also be given to the different materials that exist between the drain itself (usually stainless steel) and the resin flooring. Ascoat understands the importance of securing the junction as best as possible and designing the finish to be able to deal with differential movement caused by the deflection of the stainless steel. We can arrange for the installation of industry-best stainless-steel drains in conjunction with flooring works.

Floor Drainage for All Facilities

As well as installation, we can also advise on the type, location and amount of drains required at the design stage to assist in the most successful, lowest-cost outcome.

Ascoat flooring around your drains are:

Floor Drains​

Flooring specifically designed to accommodate drains are essential in industrial facilities such as food and beverage manufacturing. Speak to the team at Ascoat today to discuss your drainage requirements for your facility floors.


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Manufacturing food and beverage at the sort of large scale required means product, washing, rinsing, and cleaning overflow unavoidably or intentionally ends up on the floor, to minimise the accumulation of these liquids and products, it’s vital to have sufficient, well-placed and strong drains in place, after all, almost everything ends up in them on the way to waste or waste treatment.

It is vital that the drains be placed at precisely the right level to minimise any water pooling adjacent to the finished floor, Ascoat can assist you with this vital detail prior to the drains being installed. Additionally, consideration needs to be given to heat deflection that can occur with hot water or liquids contacting the stainless-steel drains and the possible damage this may result in the adjoining resin floor.

Traditionally trench style or strip drains were widely used, due to their capacity to deal with large volumes of liquid from a wide or large surface area, often these types of drains are placed in the centre of the area and the floor sloped from all sides to the central point. More recently, certain requirements imposed on food manufacturers by their customers (like the large supermarkets, for example) rule out the use of these types of drains, opting instead for point drains scattered throughout the floor area. The idea is that the open drain surface area is minimised, reducing possible contamination. Either way, Ascoat can assist in understanding your options and finish the flooring correctly around whatever drain you choose.

Some chemically resistant floors can present technical challenges to apply, often requiring increased diligence in surface preparation, mixing and dosing, and application technique. Some can produce a strong odour during application and cure. All these challenges are well within Ascoat’s experience and skill set to manage. 

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