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As a market leader in industrial and commercial flooring, Ascoat specialises in the installation of coving and kerbing in clean manufacturing environments to deal with floor and wall junctions. Delivering exceptional durability, safety and quality, our coving will keep your facility up to standard and your staff and customers safe.

Expert Coving & Kerbing Installation

Coving and kerbing are required to assist in maintaining a hygienic manufacturing environment and to deal with the inevitable impact of physical damage to these areas from heavy equipment such as pallets, trolleys, forklifts etc.

Coving can be applied to new epoxy or polyurethane cement floors or installed over any existing metal/steel structural fixtures that join the floor to assist in reducing any further deterioration of the equipment or structural beams over time.

It is critical that floor coves and kerbs be installed by an expert, and at Ascoat, we bring over 40 years of expertise in coving, so you know your floors will be compliant, durable and high-quality.

Our team of expert full-time applicators ensure precision project management, proper surface preparation, compliance with the necessary standards and the best result, on time and every time.

Coving for Clean Facilities

At Ascoat, we offer a diverse range of coving colours and finishes designed to meet the strict workplace health and safety requirements for manufacturing environments and create a seamless finish.

By using wall-to-floor resin-based coving, we connect wall and floor coatings to create a ‘one surface’ solution. This results in an easy-to-clean and waterproof surface that is smooth and impervious to damage.

Ascoat floor coving will:

Floor Coves & Kerbs

Floor coving is important in industries such as pharmaceutical, food & beverage, manufacturing and more. Speak to the team at Ascoat today to discuss your coving and kerbing requirements for your facility floors. We service Australia-wide!


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Floor Coving FAQs

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Coving is most commonly installed in:
  • Commercial kitchens and bars
  • Food and beverage processing facilities
  • Breweries and distilleries
  • Butchers and bakeries
  • Wet areas and wash bays
  • Cold rooms and freezers

Ascoat install all resin-based coving systems in conjunction with the resin floor, these include various radius options like 50mm, 60 mm, 75mm. They also include seamless profiles, coving that terminates into an aluminium angle known as a ‘bird’s beak’. Coving can be rigid or flexible as required.

Coving provides numerous benefits in a clean manufacturing environment. Primarily it seals the junction of the floor and wall, making it easier to clean as well as preventing liquids and even vermin from harbouring in any nooks and crevices that may exist otherwise.

Coving should be finished as smoothly as possible in order to shed any contaminants or debris, as the coving is not trafficked by personnel or vehicles, it does not require any significant texture, as this only makes it harder to keep clean.

Kerbing is sometimes used in conjunction with coving but is not the same thing. Kerbing lifts the sandwich panel walls higher than ground level, reducing the chances of impact damage to the sandwich panel walls. Coving can be installed to the base of kerbing if required.

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