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As a market leader in industrial and commercial flooring, Ascoat specialises in concrete floor repair for damaged or old concrete slabs. We create a new lease of life for concrete floors and provide exceptional durability, safety and quality to keep your facility up to standard, and your staff and customers safe.

Expert Concrete Floor Repairs

Over time, concrete floors can wear down, become stained or cracked due to exposure to harsh environments and corrosive chemicals, impact from heavy equipment and machinery, or deterioration over time, making it unsuitable for use.

Installing an entirely new concrete floor is not always a cost-effective, or necessary, option. This is where concrete floor repairs are ideal. While there are numerous products and service providers promising to repair your floors, it is critical that concrete floors are only repaired by an expert to ensure optimal durability, safety and longevity.

With over 40 years of expertise in concrete floor repairs, our team of repair and maintenance flooring specialists can help you select the right flooring solution for your facility and get your concrete floors looking and functioning like new.

The Process of Repairing Concrete Floors

Often prior to an older concrete slab being coated, the existing concrete surface needs to be prepared and repaired/remediated to fix moderate to severe damage, including cracks, erosion, settlement and other physical or chemical damage. This can be carried out with rapid curing systems to minimise downtime.

Ascoat concrete floor rectification ensures a rapid return to service, made possible with quick-curing polymer and cementitious repair systems. We also ensure the elimination of standing water or other liquids.

Our concrete floor repairs can entail:

It's Time to Fix Your Concrete Floors

From simple patching to major restoration or as a preliminary step prior to one of our epoxy or other resin-based floors being installed as the finish, we do it all. Ascoat is the leading concrete floor repairer in Victoria, servicing Australia-wide, so speak to the team today to discuss your concrete floor repair requirements.


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Concrete Floor Repair FAQs

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Ascoat has extensive experience with all manner of concrete floor repairs ranging from simple rain-damaged surfaces or small shallow patches, all the way through to heavily eroded slabs caused by chemical exposure, mild superficial crack chasing and filling or crack injection and complex crack repairing procedures involving stitching together slabs that have large uncontrolled cracking. Trip hazards can also be reduced or removed entirely.

Some of our repair technologies can be trafficable in as little as 15 minutes, and we can even repair freezer or cool room floors in minus 40-degree temperatures.

It’s not necessary for emergency situations; however, we often find ourselves repairing slabs prior to overcoating them with one of our Commercial or Industrial floor systems anyway.

No, like any similar coating best practice, the surface should be clean and dry prior to repairs to ensure a satisfactory result.

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