As our clients have grown – both in number and requirements – Ascoat has responded by continuing to expand its core business offerings, to include:

• Clean Rooms
• Epoxy & Polyurethane Industrial Floors
• Epoxy & Polyurethane Commercial Floors
• Non slip finishes 
• Safety treads – illuminated systems
• Line Marking
• Decorative Floors
• High impact, chemical resistance
• Seals, coatings
• Warehouse floor treatments
• Industrial Flooring Maintenance
• Industrial Painting


Below is a very small sample of floor colours available:










Did you know?

Our staff hold all relevant certifications for working safely on your site.

✓ Elevated work platforms
✓ Confined spaces
✓ Licence to Operate a Forklift
✓ Work Safely at Heights
✓ Verification of Compentency

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