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Unigrain Smeaton

Food & Beverage Processing Facility Flooring

The project description

Epoxy mortar grouting to equipment legs and bases, and floor coating with Hychem Supafloor.

Unigrain is one of Australia’s leading producers of plant-based food and beverage ingredients, specialising in oat cereal, pulse-based products, and animal nutrition products.

Unigrain Smeaton needed a flooring solution for their new processing room, research and development lab, and electrical room. The processing room is where raw oats are processed into “Oat Milk Base,” a key ingredient in oat milk. This base is supplied in bulk to other companies to produce the oat milk we find in stores and add to our coffees.

To meet their needs for a colourful, clean, and slightly textured non-slip coating, Ascoat provided a Hychem Supafloor epoxy roll coat in B41 Bluebell colour, with added aluminium oxide for a light non-slip texture. This also means the surface will remain easy to clean in a mainly dry environment.

In the processing room, where the oat milk base is produced, three coats of Hychem Supafloor Epoxy were applied. This provided a durable and hygienic surface capable of withstanding the demands of a high-traffic food processing environment. The research and development lab and electrical room received two coats of Hychem Supafloor Epoxy, meaning these areas were also equipped with durable and easy-to-maintain flooring.

The project also involved grouting 150 equipment legs with epoxy mortar, followed by coating them with two coats of Supafloor. 120 linear metres of 25mm radius coving were also installed at the concrete hob/floor junctions to ensure seamless transitions and enhance cleanliness. Overall, the project was a success, meeting Unigrain’s specific requirements and providing a robust flooring solution.

The Unigrain Smeaton project underscores Ascoat’s dedication to delivering high-quality, customised flooring solutions for demanding industrial environments. Our emphasis on quality, expertise, and doing things right the first time ensured the successful completion of this project, providing Unigrain with durable, hygienic, and visually appealing Hychem Supafloor flooring. Ascoat continues to set the industry standard with our innovative flooring solutions, prioritising safety, compliance, and durability for all our clients.

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