Flooring That Lasts, Safety That Endures


Food Manufacturing Flooring

The project description


  • Sika Sikafloor 21 PurCem Polyurethane Cement 4-6mm heavy duty non slip finish

Top Coat:

  • Sika Sikafloor 31 PurCem Coating
  • Colour: Sky Blue

Ascoat has been supplying heavy-duty industrial flooring to Australian-made smallgoods manufacturer, Tibaldi for over a decade throughout their facilities across the country. 

Due to being a food processing facility, primarily with meat, food-safe flooring and HACCP, AQIS, DPI & BRC compliance has always been a must for Tibaldi, and this project proved no different. 

Despite exposure to extremely heavy foot and equipment traffic and fastidious cleaning with strong chemicals, all of Ascoat’s previously installed work has passed with flying colours. So, when the choice came to select a trustworthy flooring contractor, Tibaldi made sure Ascoat was given every opportunity to do this new project. 

In December 20222, we were tasked with the installation of all-new flooring as part of the Tibaldi facility extension. 

Highlights of the job included using a full bauxite aggregate broadcast instead of plain silica sand to maximise the toughness of the floor. 

As per our recommendations, the selected base was Sika Sikafloor 21 PurCem Polyurethane Cement 4-6mm, applied with a heavy-duty non-slip finish for maximum safety and durability. 

We then applied a top coat of Sika Sikafloor 31 PurCem Coating. A bright sky blue colour was chosen as the top coat colour to provide a visual contrast against manufactured products falling on the ground and ensure staff could quickly and easily maintain a clean floor and reduce the likelihood of slips and falls. 

The floor was required to be regularly cleaned with strong cleaning and sterilising solutions to ensure maximum hygiene control. As such, we ensured that the installed flooring solution provided:

  • Good wear resistance
  • High mechanical resistance
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Non-tainting/odourless finish
  • VOC free
  • Drainage 
  • Non-slip aggregate 
  • Food-safe finish 

The project was successfully completed in January 2023 with the client impressed with the end result. We look forward to working with Tibaldi again in future. 

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