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Beverage Factory Flooring

The project description

  • Pu Cement, full broadcast texture
  • 50mm Epoxy mortar coving & grouting
  • Polyaspartic coating with 60mesh suspension line marking

In early 2023, Ascoat was approached by Coca-Cola Europacific Partners, located in Moorabbin, with the requirement for significant refurbishment work to a production line, mixing and filling rooms and the installation of a quick turnaround pedestrian walkway during their planned midyear shutdown.

Of critical importance was the need to engage the services of a contractor with suitable experience and sufficient staff numbers to be able to deliver the results required on time and with the capacity to be flexible enough to accommodate last-minute changes, inevitable unavoidable interruptions and a crowded work area, full of other trades and personnel frantically maintaining existing equipment or installing new equipment. 

The project included 3 key areas:

Production line 2: an update to 850m2 existing, old & delaminated flooring system, around and under all existing equipment. The system was 4-6mm PU Cement Full broadcast texture with 50mm radius epoxy mortar coving to concrete hobs and epoxy mortar grouting under equipment legs.

Mixing and filling rooms: the application of 4-6mm PU cement full broadcast texture and 50mm radius epoxy mortar coving to concrete hobs over 250m2 of existing terracotta tiles, including around and under all existing equipment.

Production area walkways: 2 coats of Polyaspartic in Jade Green with 60mesh suspension Safety Yellow line markings were applied over 450m2 throughout the production area walkways.

Work commenced on the 29th of July, 2023, with the project completed by the 6th of August, a turnaround of less than 10 days!

Ascoat approached the project with an experienced crew of between 6-8 people, who methodically prepared existing surfaces previously coated with older epoxy coatings installed by others as well as heavy-duty terracotta tiles. Due to restricted accessibility and countless equipment supports, plinths and legs, much of the surface preparation was carried out using hand-held equipment attached to dust-controlling vacuums.  

Application of a colour stable, light grey, non-slip 4-6mm Polyurethane system was completed ahead of time, and the resulting floor was warmly received by the client, with the promise to consult Ascoat for all future flooring works. 

“Ascoat Contracting Pty Ltd have again been engaged to carry out concrete flooring epoxy upgrading works to a large factory area (approx. 1000m2), all of which had to be completed during a 10-day plant shutdown.

The Scope of Works involved preparation works in difficult to get to areas, under existing and adjacent production machinery.

Ascoat Contracting Pty Ltd meticulously and with much finesse completed the tasks on time and within the nominated budget, totally in line with all company policies, permits, SWMS, etc.

Would not hesitate to utilise their services on any other project in future requiring their expertise.

Well done, guys.” – Tony Dragovic, Project Manager- Coca-Cola EuroPacific Partners Ltd

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