Flooring That Lasts, Safety That Endures

Cleanaway Laverton

Recycling Facility Flooring

The project description

  • Hychem Hycrete Polyurethane Cement—600m2

Cleanaway Laverton is integral to the new Victorian Container Deposit Scheme, an initiative aimed at boosting recycling rates across the state. For their newly established collection and processing facility, Cleanaway required a flooring solution that could handle the rigorous demands of heavy machinery and frequent liquid spills. They chose Ascoat because of our reputation for delivering high-quality, durable, and hygienic flooring solutions.

This facility was in dire need of a flooring system robust enough to withstand constant abuse from front-loader traffic and the corrosive nature of varied liquid spills. Recognising the need for a high-performance solution, Cleanaway Laverton opted for the Hychem Hycrete Polyurethane Cement, a system renowned for its toughness and resistance to chemicals.

The project began with an extensive surface preparation phase, where the existing substrate was meticulously prepared by shot blasting to ensure optimal adhesion of the new flooring system. This was followed by the application of a heavy-duty 6mm layer of Hychem Hycrete PU Cement. 

To enhance the floor’s durability and safety, a full bauxite broadcast was integrated into the system, providing a non-slip finish critical for operational safety.

The installation process was carefully planned and executed to minimise disruption to the facility’s ongoing operations, a testament to Ascoat’s commitment to precision project management and customer-centric service.

The ongoing partnership with Cleanaway Laverton highlights Ascoat’s ability to deliver specialised, robust flooring solutions that meet the unique demands of industrial facilities. Ascoat is proud to contribute to a facility that will play a crucial role in environmental sustainability through the Victorian Container Deposit Scheme.

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