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Industrial Flooring for Warehouses & Distribution Facilities

When it comes to warehouse flooring, we understand the importance of durable, cost-effective solutions. As specialists in warehouse flooring, we have built a reputation as a leading applicator of epoxy coatings for industrial facilities throughout Australia. Ascoat offers tailored flooring solutions for warehouses that deliver impeccable resistance to wear and tear, superior safety and a high-quality, long-lasting finish. 

Practical Flooring for All Warehousing Facilities

At Ascoat we offer a range of durable epoxy and industrial concrete flooring solutions for all warehouse facilities customised to your unique requirements. We bring all the necessary preparation equipment and a team of highly experienced staff to install warehouse flooring quickly and efficiently.

Due to the large size of warehouses, choosing durable, high-quality and easy to maintain floors are critical to avoiding costly repairs or replacements down the track. Our team prides itself on installing warehouse flooring designed for optimal longevity and value for money; we get the job done right the first time, every time. 

Our warehouse flooring services also include line markings and coatings in a variety of colours and textures to create zones for an environment that enhances personnel safety, forklift operator safety, and contributes to greater efficiency in the storage and distribution of goods and products.

Protect People and Minimise Risk with Quality Warehouse Flooring

Protect Your People and Minimise Risk

Our range of long-lasting, tough floor coating technologies are the flooring of choice for Australian warehouses as well as distribution centers, storage facilities and factories.

Designed to withstand the extreme working environments of industrial warehouses while protecting staff, our warehouse flooring is:

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Case Studies

Recent Projects

See our portfolio of high-quality commercial and industrial flooring projects that we have completed for leading Australian businesses. From luxury car workshops and pharmaceutical laboratories to electronics manufacturing facilities, we deliver trusted advice, expert application and compliant outcomes for epoxy, resin and ESD flooring. 


CSL in Broadmeadows required pharmaceutical-standard flooring for their all-new manufacturing facility, and of course, we were keen to assist.

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Ascoat applied epoxy flooring which enhanced the safety, durability and aesthetic of the BMW workshop floor.


We responded to a request for help from leading prestige car company, BMW, regarding a problematic tiled workshop floor at their Mulgrave facility.

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Advatek Lighting

Having consulted broadly with industry experts to understand options for maintaining positive ESD outcomes, Advatek Lighting selected Ascoat to install a static control floor.

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Other Flooring Solutions

Epoxy Flooring

Delivering exceptional durability, safety and quality, epoxy flooring will keep your facility up to standard and your staff and customers safe.

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Non-Slip Flooring

Protect your floors and prevent workplace slips, trips and falls with premium non-slip flooring tailored to your anti-slip aggregate requirements.

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ESD Flooring

Safeguard sensitive electrical equipment and systems in your workplace with Electro Static Dissipative (ESD) flooring installed by Australia’s leading applicator.

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Decorative Flooring

Keep your facility up to standard without compromising on visual appeal with decorative flooring that looks great and lasts the distance.

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Warehouse Flooring FAQs

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Most modern warehouse floors will have some basic surface treatment or low cost sealing to provide a sealed surface, unfortunately this is often done poorly and cheaply at the time of construction which leads  to the surface being worn away and in the process creating a fine concrete dust which can cover everything in the warehouse.

Specifying highly burnished slabs at the design stage can make the application of high quality densifiers a good cheaper alternative to doing nothing, Ascoat can assist with this type of higher quality surface treatment if engaged at the design stage. 

Joints in heavy traffic areas are prone to damage and deterioration due to the repeated impact of solid forklift tyres, Ascoat can carry out a variety of joint repairs ranging from simple mortar repairs and sealant replacement through to drop in prefabricated joint sections. Additionally the areas of the floor  known as the ‘hammerheads’ which are at the end of aisleways, where a forklift turns sharply, can experience accelerated wear due the increased loads of the turning tyres. Ascoat can increase the thickness of the coating in these areas to mitigate this damage. 

Ascoat can apply high quality two component line marking designed for long service life as opposed to cheap sprayed on line marking. It’s worth the extra cost when you consider the vastly reduced need to re-apply line marking or the inability to gain easy access to re-do cheaper line marking. 

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