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Expert High-Performance Flooring Solutions

When it comes to high-performance flooring, Ascoat delivers top-tier solutions that ensure safety, compliance, quality, and durability. Our high-performance epoxy floor coating systems are designed to meet the rigorous demands of various industries, providing hard-wearing flooring that offers operational efficiency and safety.

Ergonomic and Reliable High-Performance Floor Coating Systems

Ascoat’s high-performance flooring is engineered to promote safety in your facility. Our hard-wearing industrial flooring systems include features such as slip resistance and anti-static performance, essential for environments where safety is a top priority. These floors also offer enhanced hygienic performance through impermeability to water and other substances, and can include antimicrobial additives for active hygiene measures.

Ergonomics play a vital role in hard-wearing resin flooring. Our floors are designed to enhance light reflectivity, improving visibility and inspection processes. This not only supports the people who use them but also contributes to a cleaner and tidier workspace. The non-porous surfaces of our hard-wearing resin flooring also make cleaning and maintenance easy and efficient.

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Tailored Solutions for High-Performance Epoxy Flooring

Protect Your People and Minimise Risk

At Ascoat, we understand that each facility has unique needs. With over 30 years of flooring expertise, our high-performance epoxy flooring solutions can be customised to meet specific requirements, whether it’s for improving safety, ergonomics, or durability. Our high-performance floor coating systems are built to last, providing years of service without the need for frequent replacement or repair. 

Our high-performance epoxy flooring suits various applications, with hard-wearing surfaces for industrial facilities, warehouses, healthcare facilities, and other commercial spaces. For all your high-performance flooring needs, we get the job done right the first time, every time. 

Our hard-wearing flooring is:

Case Studies

Recent Projects

See our portfolio of high-quality commercial and industrial flooring projects that we have completed for leading Australian businesses. From luxury car workshops and pharmaceutical laboratories to electronics manufacturing facilities, we deliver trusted advice, expert application and compliant outcomes for epoxy, resin and ESD flooring. 

Unigrain Smeaton

Unigrain Smeaton engaged Ascoat for new flooring for their processing facility, which included epoxy grouting and Hychem Supafloor coating…

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CSL in Broadmeadows required pharmaceutical-standard flooring for their all-new manufacturing facility, and of course, we…

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Ascoat applied epoxy flooring which enhanced the safety, durability and aesthetic of the BMW workshop floor.


We responded to a request for help from leading prestige car company, BMW, regarding a problematic tiled workshop…

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High-Performance Flooring FAQs

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High-performance flooring can be defined as a floor that responds to the user in it’s environment in a way that supports and enhances their activities. We can help define the necessary requirements for your workplace to ensure your flooring is appropriate for your operations and meets necessary compliance standards.

By supplying additional safety characteristics like tailored slip resistance that takes into account specific environmental conditions that may be unique to your premises or process, and by providing ergonomic advantages like enhanced light reflection or highly resilient finishes that can reduce noise or increase comfort Ascoat takes the time to understand your situation and provide options that work best for you. 

By choosing a high-performance floor coating, you greatly contribute to long-term sustainability goals, as your floor will have a long service life and not require premature replacement. Significant resources go into making and packing coating materials, mechanically preparing a floor for coating and using disposable application equipment all require valuable finite resources. Choosing a high performance option maximises the longevity of your floor coating.

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