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Unprotected factory floors are susceptible to damage and deterioration, which can quickly become a hazard and negatively impact the integrity of your factory floors and the safety of your staff. This is where choosing the right epoxy factory floor coatings is critical. At Ascoat, we’ve built an exceptional reputation for the development, application and maintenance of high-quality, durable and safety-conscious floors for factory environments. Contact our expert team today for all your factory flooring needs. 

Industry-Leading Factory Flooring Solutions

At Ascoat, we do more than simply install factory flooring; we bring over 30 years of experience in specialised resin technology and in-house and independent testing of various coating systems to ensure long-lasting, high-performing results that withstand the tough demands of oils, spills, heavy production loads, and mechanical impact, all while keeping staff safe in the factory environment.

Our factory flooring is:

Offering a Complete Service for Factory Floors

Dirty, dusty, drab old floors can plummet morale and reflect badly on your factory facility, which is why factory flooring isn’t something to be left by the wayside. 

At Ascoat, we pride ourselves on delivering the best product and service for our clients. We don’t take shortcuts with surface preparation and apply quality material from reputable suppliers to provide a quality factory floor finish. We ensure a seamless installation process and get the job done right the first time, every time.

We offer a complete service for all your factory flooring needs, from remedial repairs and joint treatment to line marking and even custom or corporate colours. With our epoxy coatings for factory floors, you can be confident your factory floors are compliant, cost-effective, and of the highest quality. 

For practical, durable and compliant factory flooring, contact the experts at Ascoat today at 03 9587 7433.

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See our portfolio of high-quality commercial and industrial flooring projects that we have completed for leading Australian businesses. From luxury car workshops and pharmaceutical laboratories to electronics manufacturing facilities, we deliver trusted advice, expert application and compliant outcomes for epoxy, resin and ESD flooring. 


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Factory Flooring FAQs

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It’s vital to start with a good surface, so surface preparation is the first vital step; avoid any contractor that is not prepared to do thorough mechanical surface preparation!! This should be followed by understanding what texture will work best on your factory floor; for example, do you need a smooth or textured floor for enhanced slip resistance? It’s also a good idea to go for a bright, light reflective colour to maximise your visibility in the factory environment. 

Regular cleaning is better than allowing the floor to get very dirty before trying to clean it, it’s best to sweep daily to get rid of dirt and debris, mopping with a neutral detergent should be done at least weekly. The better option however, is to think about investing in a walk behind floor scrubber, which makes the task of cleaning the floor faster and more effective. 

Not necessarily, provided the factory is generally dry, a smooth floor is perfectly acceptable, the addition of non-slip aggregate will generally make the floor more difficult to keep clean. If your activities in the factory include the regular exposure to the personnel to wet floors either due to production or cleaning, it’s wise to consider adding non slip aggregate to your epoxy factory flooring.  

A good factory floor can adopt multiple colour to differentiate work zones from walkways or vehicular, e.g. forklift, traffic zones to storage areas. The use of line marking can improve the functionality of the factory floor as well. Thicker coatings can be employed in heavy traffic areas, or areas subject to increased risk of impact damage, such as truck unloading bays. 

Ascoat’s factory epoxy flooring is explicitly designed to withstand harsh factory environments exposed to heavy machinery and high foot traffic. It’s incredibly durable and resistant to wear and tear, meaning it can support the heavy loads and constant movement typical in factory settings without compromising on performance or appearance. Our epoxy factory floors are made to last. 

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