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Flooring for Commercial Kitchens

Unprotected kitchen floors are vulnerable to ongoing damage and deterioration when exposed to cleaning chemicals and food products such as sugars, fats, and oils. This can quickly become a hazard and negatively impact the integrity of your commercial kitchen floors. However, correct selection, installation and maintenance of commercial kitchen flooring can improve the longevity of your floors and the safety of staff. At Ascoat, we’ve built an exceptional reputation for the development, application and maintenance of high-quality and cost-effective commercial kitchen floors.

Quality Commercial Kitchen Flooring

At Ascoat, we do more than simply install commercial kitchen flooring; we bring over 30 years of experience in specialised resin technology and in-house and independent testing of various coating systems to ensure long-lasting, high-performing results that are easy to maintain and compliant with all necessary standards for food preparation facilities. 

Whether you’re operating a commercial kitchen, cafe, restaurant, bar or school tuckshop, Ascoat is the go-to provider of durable, easy-to-clean and compliant flooring for commercial kitchens throughout Australia. 

Our commercial kitchen flooring is:

Superior Floor Surfaces for Food Preparation Areas

Unprotected floors or poorly installed flooring can quickly deteriorate after exposure to food and cleaning products commonly found in commercial kitchens and food preparation areas – resulting in unhygienic environments susceptible to bacterial contamination, and an increased risk of personnel injury due to slips, trips or falls.  This is where our specialised epoxy and resin technologies for anti-slip kitchen floors can be employed. 

Restaurant flooring should not only be hygienic and slip-resistant, but a bright and pleasant working environment. Our commercial kitchen floor coatings offers bright and  reflective colours that are safe, tidy and make cleaning a breeze. 

For fresh, inviting and practical flooring for commercial kitchens, get in touch with the experts at Ascoat today on 03 9587 7433.

Case Studies

Recent Projects

See our portfolio of high-quality commercial and industrial flooring projects that we have completed for leading Australian businesses. From luxury car workshops and pharmaceutical laboratories to electronics manufacturing facilities, we deliver trusted advice, expert application and compliant outcomes for epoxy, resin and ESD flooring. 


CSL in Broadmeadows required pharmaceutical-standard flooring for their all-new manufacturing facility, and of course, we were keen to assist.

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Ascoat applied epoxy flooring which enhanced the safety, durability and aesthetic of the BMW workshop floor.


We responded to a request for help from leading prestige car company, BMW, regarding a problematic tiled workshop floor at their Mulgrave facility.

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Advatek Lighting

Having consulted broadly with industry experts to understand options for maintaining positive ESD outcomes, Advatek Lighting selected Ascoat to install a static control floor.

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Commercial Kitchen Flooring FAQs

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No. The food service industry has very strict standards on the flooring that can be installed in commercial kitchens and food preparation facilities. As such, we will assess your facility and provide a recommendation for the most suitable resin technology for your kitchen flooring that can provide additional levels of chemical resistance and non-slip aggregate where necessary. 

Many factors influence the longevity and performance of your commercial kitchen flooring. This includes temperature, foot and equipment traffic, cleaning chemicals, and food and drink spillage, to name a few. For this reason, it is important to choose food-safe flooring that protects against bacterial contamination and is easy to clean. Regular cleaning and maintenance will significantly enhance the lifespan of your commercial kitchen flooring. 

While commercial kitchen flooring can be more expensive than conventional epoxy floors, the cost of potential hazards like staff slips and falls, bacterial or rodent infestation, non-compliance fines, and floor deterioration outweighs any initial excess cost.

We offer flooring solutions for all food preparation areas, from cold rooms,  walkways and wet and dry areas to areas around ovens and deep fryers. We provide tailored flooring solutions to suit the needs of your premises and meet HACCP and Food Safe standards. 

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