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At Ascoat, we have built a reputation as a leading applicator of epoxy coatings for car parks throughout Australia. Our highly skilled team delivers tailored car park flooring that provides superior safety and a high-quality, long-lasting finish so your car parking stays clean, compliant and welcoming. Contact us today to discuss your car park flooring requirements for cost-effective and durable solutions. 

Car Park Flooring for All Facilities

Often, a car park is the first experience a customer or client has with your premises, which is why it is critical to present a clean, safe and welcoming environment.  At Ascoat, we are industry leaders in the preparation and application of car park flooring that prioritise safety, cleanliness and longevity. 

Car park flooring is more than just painting a multi-storey in a cheap sealer; properly understanding and addressing the long-term requirements can prevent the need for costly repairs or be liable for noncompliance—after all, closing an operational car park that services a shopping centre, airport, hospital or apartment building is not something that you can do easily or regularly.

This is where Ascoat’s high-quality car park floor coatings come in. We can help you select the appropriate floor coating for your car park to prevent expensive and difficult-to-reverse mistakes while advising on and executing a complete car park coating strategy that lasts the distance. 

Compliant Car Park Floors that Protect People and Minimise Risk

Through our extensive experience in car park flooring application, we understand the importance of keeping car parks compliant. Car Parks have complex traffic patterns, and it is important to know that one coating does not fit all.

Car parks consist of multiple areas that may require different coatings. For example, parking bays, which have lower traffic movements than passageways, ramps, entrances and exits. Meanwhile, some car parks have fully exposed rooftop decks or can be situated over habitable areas with shops or dwellings below, which means waterproofing may be required to prevent water ingress to areas below. 

Car parks may need different colours for specific bays, directional symbols or information. They may also require different textures depending on the likelihood of water exposure or sloping, which may require more grip. 

Our car park epoxy floor coatings offer various benefits to ensure compliance with these standards, such as:

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See our portfolio of high-quality commercial and industrial flooring projects that we have completed for leading Australian businesses. From luxury car workshops and pharmaceutical laboratories to electronics manufacturing facilities, we deliver trusted advice, expert application and compliant outcomes for epoxy, resin and ESD flooring. 


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Car Park Flooring FAQs

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Although you can apply a simple roll coat system to the entire car park floor, it’s worth considering the value of reinforcing heavy wear areas, as a basic system will most likely wear out very quickly in the main entry area as the car tyres will bring in and shed and deposit dirt and grit in the first couple of square metres, which acts as an abrasive and wears out the coating prematurely. Using a thicker, more robust and reinforced system in this and other heavy wear areas will keep your floor looking good and performing better for longer.

Most commonly light to mid greys are chosen as they provide better light reflection and the necessary contrast for white and yellow lines that are required for compliance, some customer’s choose to employ contrasting colours for parking bays to highlight and differentiate parking bays from traffic areas. It can also be very useful to include walkways in contrasting colours, as well as disabled, EV charging, seniors or parents with pram parking spots, all of which can have specific measurements or colour requirements or conventions.

Yes, car park floors can be coated with a special proprietary coating specification that Ascoat has developed to virtually eliminate the annoying squeal that occurs when the rubber tyre makes contact with a shiny floor coating.

A massive increase in the reduction of wear of a coated car park floor can be achieved simply by cleaning the initial entrance zone of a car park as this is wear cars entering from public roads ( especially when it’s been raining) and where the dirt and grit will dislodge from the tyres of the vehicles. This dirt and grit remains on the floor and acts as an abrasive compound with every subsequent vehicle that comes into the car park. Employing a ride on scrubber, drastically improves the rate of damage to the car park and especially the first impression the car park patron experiences. 

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