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As a market leader in epoxy flooring, Ascoat specialises in the design, installation, and maintenance of epoxy floors for industrial and commercial applications. Delivering exceptional durability, safety and quality, our epoxy floors will keep your facility up to standard and your staff and customers safe.

Quality Epoxy Floors for Any Facility

Popular for its seamless application, resistance to damage and desirable surface characteristics, epoxy flooring is a proven, cost-effective method of protecting concrete floors in commercial and industrial settings. Unlike other resin flooring, epoxy offers good chemical and heat resistance and low shrinkage.

Epoxy floors are also:

Epoxy coatings are ideal for industries such as pharmaceutical, food & beverage, manufacturing, mechanical and more. Speak to the team at Ascoat today to discuss your epoxy flooring requirements.

Expert Epoxy Floor Application

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Although epoxy resin flooring systems deliver a range of benefits and advantages, these are realised only when the floor system is properly installed. When improperly applied, the epoxy resin may delaminate (chip and peel) and not provide the desired level of safety.

We have a team of dedicated full-time applicators that specialise in epoxy flooring. This expertise ensures precision project management, proper surface preparation, compliance with the necessary standards and the best result, on time and every time.

Sustainable Epoxy Surfaces

At Ascoat, we strive for environmentally responsible product selection when dealing with epoxies. We avoid solvent-based or solvent-containing systems, instead opting for Green Star-compliant systems as much as possible. 

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See our portfolio of high-quality commercial and industrial flooring projects that we have completed for leading Australian businesses. From luxury car workshops and pharmaceutical laboratories to electronics manufacturing facilities, we deliver trusted advice, expert application and compliant outcomes for epoxy, resin and ESD flooring. 


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Epoxy Resin Flooring FAQs

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No, Ascoat is a specialist in premium epoxy flooring for industrial and commercial premises only. Get in touch today for a custom quote.

Epoxy flooring is laid on top of concrete substrates as a form of protection and decoration. The systems can comprise several layers of thermosetting resin that are coated, trowelled or poured and generally applied onto a concrete substrate. Once the resin layers completely cure, the floor system forms a strong and permanent bond, protecting the substrate.

Epoxy flooring is a synthetic resin floor system made of adhesive, paint, plastic, or other material that is created as a polymer of epoxides. The term “epoxy” is used to describe coatings that are created from two components, meaning a combination mix of two different chemicals, referred to as ‘resin’. This combination is the reason that epoxy is known to be the highest-strength resin on the market.

Specialty additives can be added to the epoxy to suit a wide variety of flooring applications. Using specialty additives and aggregates, epoxy floor coatings can be customised to achieve different desired performance characteristics such as more rapid cure, increased abrasion resistance, higher chemical resistance, higher or lower viscosity, thicker flooring, and non-slip texture. Decorative features like vinyl flakes, quartz aggregate and glitter can also be for a more aesthetic outcome.

Epoxy Flooring has good resistance to scratching, but it can be scratched and scuffed if heavy or sharp objects are dragged across it. Often there is a misconception that epoxy flooring is indestructible, this is not the case, care still needs to be taken if scratching is to be avoided. Generally, superficial damage is not detrimental to the overall performance of the floor other than appearance. Fortunately, heavily scratched epoxy floors can be recoated periodically to keep them pristine if appearance is paramount.

The term “waterproof” is often thrown around a little carelessly. Strictly speaking, a product is considered waterproof if it meets various National or International waterproofing standards, that generally require the system to have a flexible membrane type of crack bridging potential and overall characteristics. Although epoxy is impervious to water and will not allow water to easily pass through it can’t fulfill the technical requirements of being ‘waterproof’. Nevertheless, epoxy provides exceptional protection to a concrete floor or surface from ingress of water.

Epoxy resin due to its composition has limitations when used in full exposure to sunlight, like in a fully exposed location. Although it can perform extremely well in protecting the surface it is applied to, it will invariably discolour and can ‘chalk’ with exposure to strong UV light. This is limited to it’s appearance only. Other resins systems can perform better in this regard and can be combined with an epoxy base to offer greater resistance to discolouration. These alternative resins can include aliphatic polyurethanes, MMA’s and polyaspartics to name a few.

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