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Ascoat has been helping its clients to maximise the return on their flooring investment for over 25 years, working closely with engineers, builders and facility owners across numerous industries and specialist sectors, including; Food, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Research, Medical and Packing & Warehousing. Bringing together years of specialised industry experience, Ascoat’s professional team of flooring specialists focus on delivering high quality, long lasting flooring solutions, working with their clients to deliver the right flooring solution to meet the specific needs of the facility.

Importantly, Ascoat does not take a ‘one size fits all’ approach to flooring, and is not tied to a particular material supplier. Every flooring solution is a considered recommendation, formed after listening to and understanding each individual client’s specific requirements. Be that food industry specific safety and/or hygiene requirements, the complex installation of a “Very Flat” insulated floor, or a seemingly impossible combination of maintenance and production schedule constraints. They have the experience and expertise to deliver the optimum flooring solution – even for the toughest environments. From fast, cost effective concrete sealing solutions, through to high build epoxy, self-levelled, chemical, temperature and static resistant seamless installations, Ascoat has the solution.

Not surprisingly, Ascoat’s focus on quality and performance has been the primary catalyst in the company’s ongoing success and exponential growth.

Our Services

✓ Clean Rooms
✓ Industrial Floors
✓ Commercial Floors
✓ Non slip finishes
✓ Safety treads
✓ Decorative Floors
✓ High impact, chemical resistance
✓ Seals, coatings
✓ Warehouse floor treatments

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