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A Guide to Epoxy Floor Cleaning & Maintenance

Learn essential tips and cleaning methods for maintaining epoxy floors with Ascoat.

At Ascoat, we specialise in epoxy flooring solutions for industrial and commercial environments, where the right flooring is critical for maintaining safety and operational efficiency. While choosing the right floor is important, regular cleaning and maintenance is also crucial. Not only does it keep your floors looking good, but clean and well-maintained resin floors will sustain their performance and preserve their integrity and longevity, ensuring safety, and extending their lifespan.

Ignoring the cleanliness of your epoxy floors can lead to unexpected and expensive repair costs. Dirt and debris act like sandpaper underfoot, gradually wearing down the coating of your floor. This not only shortens the lifespan of what should be a long-term investment but also leads to costly repairs or even complete floor replacement sooner than anticipated. Our goal is to help you avoid these unnecessary expenses by choosing and maintaining floors that withstand the rigours of your business activities and providing guidance on epoxy floor cleaning and maintenance.

Hygiene Matters

In sectors like food production, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare, hygiene is paramount. A floor laden with bacteria and pathogens is a health hazard that can provoke regulatory scrutiny and operational shutdowns. At Ascoat, our floors are designed to be easy to clean and maintain, ensuring they meet stringent hygiene standards necessary for your industry.

Maintaining Performance

A well-maintained epoxy floor retains essential performance characteristics, such as slip resistance and, in some cases, electrostatic discharge (ESD) control. Allowing debris to build up not only compromises these features but also places additional strain on the joints and screeds, which can lead to structural weaknesses and uneven surfaces. This can result in non-compliance with safety standards and diminish the overall functionality of your workspace.

How to Keep Your Epoxy Floor in Top Shape

Here are practical steps to ensure your epoxy resin floor remains in optimal condition:
Start with the Right Floor
The first step is choosing a floor tailored to withstand your industry’s specific challenges. We specialise in flooring systems for environments where harsh cleaning is necessary. Let our experts guide you in selecting a floor that not only looks good but is also functional, durable and suited to your workplace’s unique needs.
Regular Cleaning Regimen
Implement a regular cleaning schedule that suits the traffic and use of your space. Consider more frequent deep cleans for industries where sterilisation is crucial.
Use the Right Cleaning Tools
To effectively clean epoxy floors, use natural fibre or nylon brooms for sweeping and soft or stiff nylon brushes for non-abrasive scrubbing. For routine cleaning, use gentle detergents suitable for no-wax floors, and for spills, a simple rag or towel. Tough stains like grease or oil should be treated with degreasers like Simple Green, and CLR for rust.
Immediate Action on Spills
Address spills as soon as they occur to prevent stains and potential slip hazards. For chemical spills, we can provide guidance on what is appropriate for your particular epoxy floors. Fluids like hydraulic or brake fluid can stain or even corrode epoxy floors if not cleaned up quickly, so it’s important to repair vehicle fluid leaks as soon as possible.
Protect Against Damage and Deterioration
Utilising mats in high-traffic areas and pads under heavy machinery or equipment can significantly extend the life of your flooring. These preventative measures distribute the weight and reduce the impact of heavy loads, minimising wear and tear. They also shield the surface from potential damage, such as scratches, dents, and cracks caused by foot traffic and equipment movement.

Safeguard Your Operations with Our Expert Flooring Solutions

Many businesses face significant disruptions due to the improper selection, preparation, and maintenance of their flooring systems. These can range from the high costs of floor damage to operational halts required to address poor hygiene. We tackle these issues head-on by installing durable, easy-to-maintain epoxy resin and PU cement floors and advising on the best practices for longevity. What sets Ascoat apart is our commitment to quality and our deep understanding of the necessary flooring systems for commercial and industrial environments. We install epoxy floors that are the right fit for your specific needs and are easy to clean and maintain.

Keep Your Epoxy Floors in Prime Condition with Ascoat

Understanding the intricacies of keeping a resin floor clean and well-maintained is essential for any business aiming for longevity and compliance. By following these easy cleaning and maintenance tips, you can keep your epoxy-coated floors in top condition.

At Ascoat, we’re here to help with our expert flooring solutions. Whether you’re looking to install new epoxy floors or need advice on maintaining your existing ones, contact us today on (03) 9587 7433 for flooring that lasts and safety that endures.

Ascoat’s Technical Manager, Arthur Karayannis, has worked in the epoxy flooring and protective coatings industry since 1991, with extensive experience as an epoxy applicator and materials supplier. With a Level 2 Concrete Coatings Inspector qualification through the SSPC, he holds the highest concrete coating inspection qualification currently available. Arthur prides himself on delivering industry-leading customer service, educating clients on appropriate flooring solutions, and solving even the most complex flooring problems for customers and stakeholders.


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